Spekulatius Traditional Paste (Gingerbread)

A collection of heady spices create an enjoyable collaboration of ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and sugar in this delightful traditional paste. Produce a spectacular gingerbread flavour with just the right amount of pungent edge and sweet savour for an unforgettable artisanal experience.

Code 23102
Application Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, Ice Cream, Pastry, Soft Serve
Packaging 2 buckets x 3kg
Dosage 70g / 1kg of base
Gluten Free
This product contains the following allergens: Egg Products and Dairy. Please however, be aware that this product is manufactured and packaged in a facility that contains products with peanuts & derivatives, wheat/gluten, egg products, dairy, soy products and tree nuts & derivatives. We strongly recommend that consumers always read the ingredient statement for the most current information.
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