An Environmentally-Friendly Way to Serve Your Gelato

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Who said you can’t enjoy gelato while also saving the planet?

In light of the single-use plastic ban implemented by the government of Canada – targeting zero plastic waste by 2030 – PreGel Canada will be offering a variety of high-quality alternatives for single-use plastic products such as spoons, cups, lids, etc. to both our East and West Coast customers.

We will not be importing any single-use plastic products moving forward. As such, we are now offering two alternatives for spoons; paper spoons and wood spoons.

Paper – Alcas Qwarzo Paper Gelato Spoons are an exclusive product made with natural and eco-sustainable materials, and coated with an imperceptible layer of quartz. This layer makes it waterproof and resistant to any temperature. Unlike wood, it does not alter the taste of food. It is a fully recyclable, sustainable and socially responsible product, but at the same time practical, hygienic and ultra-resistant.

Wood – Alcas Wooden Gelato Taster Spoons are an exclusive product characterized by its robustness and practicality.

Thank you for your understanding as we work hard to accommodate our customers while ensuring the highest-quality alternatives in light of the single-use plastic ban.

For more information on the single-use plastics prohibition regulations please visit the government of Canada website below.

Stay tuned as PreGel Canada continues to find high-quality alternatives for other favoured products such as cups, lids & liners!