What are the basic ingredients in gelato?

Gelato is made up of a liquid and solid raw ingredient, stabilizers, emulsifiers, flavor ingredients, air and other ingredients.

For example:

  • Liquid Raw Ingredients: Water, milk, etc.
  • Solid Raw Ingredients: Sugars, fats, Milk Solids Non-Fat (MSNFs)
  • Stabilizers: Guar Gum, locust bean gum, etc.
  • Emulsifiers: Mono- and di-glycerides
  • Flavor Ingredients: Pastes, powders
  • Air
  • Other Ingredients: Mineral salts, cocoa products, dry fruits, toppings and fillers

What is a Base?

PreGel Bases are well-balanced essential ingredients in powdered form that promote the highest quality flavor, texture and ease-of-use for gelato and ice cream production. The base is pivotal for creating a velvety structure and texture that allows for the desirable creaminess and softness that PreGel prides itself on.

What is a Stabilizer?

There are two types of stabilizers used in gelato and ice cream. One comes from animal sources and the most commonly used is gelatin or eggs. The other stabilizer is a vegetable source such as carrageenan, guar gum and locust bean gum. Stabilizers are used in gelato and ice cream for a variety of reasons, as they increase viscosity, improve the smoothness of the product body, and prevent ice crystal formation and melting.

What is Arabeschi®?

Arabeschi® is a topping and filling for gelato, sorbetto, ice cream, frozen yogurt, soft serve, pastry and frozen desserts, and beverages. As a topping, it is used to enhance the decoration of desserts. As a filling, it adds extra flavor and textural components to desserts or savory items. Our Arabeschi® line encompasses a variety of flavors including rich milk and dark chocolate as well as selectively sourced nut and fruit varieties.

What are the basic ingredients to make gelato?

In the most basic explanation, gelato is made by mixing milk or water, sugar and other natural ingredients (such as emulsifiers and stabilizers) which make up the base. Our distinct cream or fruit flavors are then added.

What is the difference between Hot and Cold Process?

The easiest answer to this question is that Hot Process requires the heating of liquids, whereas Cold Process does not. To find out more about these different processes, attend one of our training classes. How much flavor paste do I need to use?
The amount of flavor paste for a standard batch size of 5 liters varies by recipe, which are provided at  A variety of recipe books can be downloaded from this site, or emailed to you by your sales or special services representative. For special batches, please contact our International Training Center.

How long can I keep my gelato in the display case for?

This answer will vary slightly depending on various factors during preparation, but generally 3-5 days. This holds true if you are storing your gelato in a freezer overnight. You may also achieve a longer shelf-life by preparing your gelato via Hot Process. The preferred way to serve gelato is when it is at its freshest. What is the stocking temperature? 
The stocking temperature in a freezer should be around -17.8˚/-0.04˚F. What temperature does gelato have to be once it comes out of the batch freezer? 
Between -7.8˚ to -5˚C/18˚F to 23˚F. At this point just 50-60 percent of water is frozen.

How do you present gelato?

There are three ways to present gelato. We suggest sculpted, flat or mounds showcased in a 5 liter pan. Gelato generally comes out of the batch freezer in a very natural way, and does not require much pressing or pushing. The result should be a very harmonious form. How do you serve gelato? 
While ice cream generally uses scoopers, gelato is served with spades or spatulas, which allow for it to take on more of an artisan appearance.

Do you decorate gelato?

Absolutely. Gelato is considered an artisan dessert which means the decoration is a large part of the whole ambiance of the gelato experience. PreGel’s Arabeschi® and Toppings are both used to decorate the finished product. Additionally, PreGel's molds can be used to create gelato flowers, gelato turtles and much more, taking the gelato pan from visually appealing to stunning.

How long will my PreGel products last?

PreGel products have a shelf-life of 2-3 years once produced – whether it’s been opened or not has no bearing on the shelf-life. Although remember to keep products well sealed and do not keep in extreme temperatures, as both can shorten the life span and reduce the quality of the product. The expiration date is indicated on your packaging and is in European form, which is day/month/year. If you have questions on the product life, contact our Special Service Team.

What should I do if a Paste, Arabeschi® or Topping begins to separate (oil from paste)?

This is generally true for most nut and chocolate products, as they carry natural oils within. To prevent separation, occasionally mix it like a soup. Shake toppings well.

What is the nutritional content for my product?

PreGel can only provide nutritional information for our ingredient solutions. If you want to assess the nutritional content for the finished product you provide, we recommend that you partner with a local testing lab that can accurately provide nutritional information on your product.

Is there a fee for PreGel's International Training Center Classes?

PreGel Canada charges a single registration fee per person for participation in each class, in the following designated amounts:
  • $120.00 One Day Course
  • $200.00 Two Day Course
  • Plus applicable taxes
PreGel offers lunch during all of our training classes free of charge. Please note that registration cannot be confirmed until payment is received. Click here to view class curriculum page.

What is the cancellation/refund policy for the general Training Center classes?

PreGel reserves the right to cancel any class for any reason. In the event of a cancellation, PreGel will either transfer the registration fee for registered attendee(s) to a future class or PreGel will refund the full registration fee to the registered attendee(s). PreGel is not responsible for any travel costs incurred due to class cancellations. Please note: Registered students must contact PreGel to cancel their attendance in a general class a minimum of 48 hours in advance in order to get a full refund. Refunds will not be available for registrants who choose not to attend a class without prior notification.

When and where are the trainings? Do you do trainings at customer locations?

Click here to view our current class offerings at our Ontario and British Columbia locations. Also, check back periodically for off-site trainings as well. Additionally, we are very flexible and want to help our customers, so call our International Training Center to see about scheduling special visits to our facility at 905 727 3068. Our dedicated sales consultants can offer more information about on-site visits to customer locations.

What kind of information can you supply to help me start a successful gelato business?

Incorporated into the training curriculum, PreGel offers several tools designed to help you launch a successful gelato business. Our training can provide direction when devising your pricing configuration, structuring your initial investment, establishing general employee guidelines and so much more. View the current schedule for our International Training Center call our Special Service Team to learn more at 905 727 3068. PreGel's custom publication P Magazine, formerly Views from the Tree, also provides a myriad of informational articles on getting started. Click here.

Is gelato a takeout business?

PreGel generally promotes gelato as an experience and social activity to enjoy with family and friends outside of the home. However, we sell a variety of carryout containers so that you can allow your customers to take it home to share with the family.

Where is my shipment?

The easiest way to track your shipment is to locate the tracking number found on your invoice that we both emailed and mailed to you. Then, go to the Website of the shipper. Once you're on the site, there should be a section where you can enter you tracking number and the Website should give you the progress of your shipment. If you are unable to access the Web or are having problems, please call us directly at 905 727 3068 and make sure you have your tracking number accessible.

How Do I make my first order?

Our sales representatives are divided by regions, so click here to determine which of our Sales Managers represents your region. Then contact them either via phone or email and they will be excited to help walk you through your first order.


What are PreGel’s most popular flavors?

PreGel judges it’s most popular flavors through sales, however, that does not mean that these are the most popular in your area. Fan favorites include: Salted Caramel Super Sprint, Prontociocc Traditional Paste (Chocolate), Happy Yo Super Sprint (Yogurt), Strawberry Fortefrutto®, Cacaopat (Chocolate), Cheesecake Super Sprint, Hazelnut Piemonte Traditional Paste (Dark Roasted Hazelnut), Mango Fortefrutto® and more.

Can I use milk with the Super Sprints instead of water? How much?

Yes, but it depends on the Super Sprint. Some require the addition of milk while others require the addition of water. Generally, 2500g/88.2oz of liquid are added for gelato and 3,000g/105.8oz of liquid are added for soft serve. Please consult PreGel Recipes or the product bag for information on which liquid to add and how much.

Can I mix Traditional Pastes and Fortefrutto® with Super Sprints?

No. Traditional Pastes and Fortefrutto® are the flavorings used in Hot Process and Cold Process to add to a mix of base, stabilizers and emulsifiers. Super Sprints are an instant, complete product that already contain the flavor, base, stabilizers and emulsifiers.

What is the difference between the pistachio pastes?

All of our pistachio pastes are high-quality and authentic, coming from a variety of regions throughout Italy. Crema Pistachio Traditional Paste (Pistachio & Almond) has a vibrant green color with a hint of hazelnuts and almonds, while Pistachio Primavera Traditional Paste boasts the same bright color, but is the most economical of the three. And Green Pure Pistachio Traditional Paste (Slightly Roasted Pure Pistachio) contains notes of nuttiness and saltiness. You really can't go wrong with any of our pistachio paste options.

What is the difference between the hazelnut pastes?

We offer two hazelnut options, Hazelnut Piemonte Traditional Paste (Dark Roasted Hazelnut) and Hazelnut Regina Traditional Paste (Premium Light Toasted Hazelnut). Hazelnut Piemonte is made with hazelnuts from the Piedmonte region of Italy and carries an authentic and roasted hazelnut taste. Hazelnut Regina is 100% pure hazelnut paste that boasts a fresh hazelnut flavor. Both are top quality pastes, it is your preference in terms of which you use.

What is the difference between the chocolate hazelnut pastes?

A popular Italian flavor, we carry three different chocolate hazelnut options. Chocolate-Hazelnut Traditional Paste combines milk chocolate with real hazelnut flavor, while Gianduia Traditional Paste (Dark Chocolate Hazelnut) combines dark chocolate with hazelnuts blended into the paste. Gianduiotto Rock Traditional Paste (Chocolate & Hazelnut Pieces) is a thicker chocolate paste the contains actual pieces of roasted hazelnuts.