Pastry Chef – East Coast

The Pastry Chef is responsible for maintaining the daily functions of a satellite training center at a high level of quality with minimal assistance and supervision. This position requires a thorough knowledge of pastry ingredients and their functions in baking, pastry, and frozen dessert applications. This person will be required to travel, approximately 40-50% of the time, for various tradeshows and demonstrations with sales reps as needed to support sales. There are no supervisory duties related to this position.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Using classic and modern techniques, properly produce a variety of pastry and dessert items as needed for recipe testing, classes, tastings, presentations, tradeshows, etc.
  • Prepare for and instruct customers, leads, and/or coworkers in pastry and frozen dessert classes and demonstrations, with an emphasis on supporting the sales of PreGel America products
  • Recommend products to customers and potential customers based on their needs and interests
  • Research, test, and develop recipes for PreGel CANADA’s products as needed to produce innovative applications, and present all research to the Corporate Pastry Chef
  • Properly use a variety of equipment including but not limited to ovens, mixers, chocolate tempering machines, batch freezers, blast freezers, display cases, soft serve machines, scales, immersion blenders, dishwashers, etc.
  • Follow industry standards for food safety procedures; regularly check ingredient quality, expiration dates, etc.; maintain clean storage areas for all food products including dry storage, refrigerators, and freezers
  • Adapt the quantity of ingredients used to match the amount of finished products needed
  • Check equipment to ensure that it meets health and safety regulations
  • Maintain a clean and sanitary work environment; regularly clean tools, small equipment, large equipment, work stations, etc.
  • Follow Training Center policies and procedures
  • Work closely with your direct team members, as a contributing team player.
  • Work closely with other departments within the organization to accomplish daily tasks which can include but are not limited to: ingredient, tool and equipment inventory; purchase order requisitions, purchasing, and filing expenses; calculating food costs; planning, preparing, and traveling to tradeshows and demonstrations; communicating with employees, customers, leads, partners, sponsors, and equipment vendors
  • Support PreGel CANADA in a variety of other duties and responsibilities as required by supervisor


Required Skills

  • Must be familiar with Microsoft office programs such as Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Must be able to operate copiers, scanners, and other office technology.
  • Must be able to independently research, analyze, organize, and prioritize work.
  • Maintain a current knowledge of pastry ingredients and their functions in baking and pastry.
  • Skilled in all areas of baking, pastry production, frozen dessert production, and cooking techniques.
  • A strong commitment to a team culture and positive attitude is required.
  • Ability to gain, maintain and update a thorough knowledge of all PreGel CANADA’s products.
  • Must be able to communicate proficiently in English.
  • Interpersonal communication skills are a must.


Required Education and Certification

  • Requires a minimum of a 4-year degree in pastry/culinary field with 1-3 years of job-related experience or any equivalent combination of experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the job as outlined above
  • ServSafe Certified is preferred.


Working Conditions

  • Must be able to work in a standing position on a hard surface for extended periods of time each
  • Frequent bending, reaching, twisting, kneeling, crawling, and pushing/pulling.
  • Must ascend and descend stairs and ladders, sometimes while carrying tools or objects.
  • Able to handle, lift, and lower objects totaling 50 pounds between the ground/deck level to a height of about 4 to 6 feet, and able to repeat these movements.