Our Team

Team Overview

PreGel is a conglomerate of international subsidiaries all working for the same goal, which is to offer the ultimate service to our current and future business partners. At PreGel Canada, and throughout our entire network, we understand that customer service doesn’t begin and end with a pleasant phone conversation. From our steadfast production team to our diligent distribution associates, each department within our company works in tandem to provide the best in all areas of business to our partners. We understand the profound significance of a dream and the hard work that goes into seeing it to fruition.  With that in mind, our diverse team of efficient professionals works hard for you, certain to keep your dreams at the forefront of our daily tasks. Although we are an international company, it is your dream, your location, your business aspirations and goals that motivate this team to perform at our best.

Customer Support

From a friendly voice to greet every incoming phone inquiry to our skilled team of dedicated sales agents, PreGel values the cardinal notion of offering absolute customer support. We go above and beyond to provide premiere services and showcase the kind of quality performance we would expect as a client. We aim to be a resource for products, supplies, information, innovation, longevity, and success – a reliable aid in maintaining the integrity of your dreams.