The Beginning

Who: PreGel

What: Created the first semi-finished paste for gelato or sorbetto

When: 1967

Where: Reggio Emilia, Italy

Why: To enhance the flavour and shelf-life of gelato

How: Passion

During an era of international wars, and economic disparity, something profound was developing in the heart of Reggio Emilia, Italy that would change the foundation of the specialty frozen dessert industry. A small, unknown company with the unique name – PreGel, meaning prepared gelato or prepared gelateria – was distributing a distinct product that was rapidly spreading among excited communities of gelato chefs across Europe. Orange Fortefrutto®, the first semi-finished paste for gelato or sorbetto, was invented to increase product consistency, enhance the flavor of gelato, and extend its shelf-life. This innovative paste would be the first of many specialty dessert ingredient solutions from PreGel that would introduce The Classic Taste of Italy to the world.

The Legacy of PreGel

The legacy of PreGel began with Dr. Luciano Rabboni, who was the nephew of an avid gelato maker and a chemist. A young Rabboni took notice of local gelato makers struggling to maintain a high-quality product to sell. Their products melted easily and the flavouring was inconsistent. In the small garage of his home, Dr. Rabboni invented Orange Fortefrutto® (fruit-based paste for flavouring artisanal frozen desserts), which he, with his wife Elena, initially sold out of the trunk of their car,  resulting in great success. Nearly 50 years later, Dr. Rabboni is still the driving force behind the family-owned company that umbrellas headquarters and distribution centres worldwide.

“Consumers are always looking for new trends, flavours and dessert ideas, but the most important element of any product in their eyes, especially gelato, is the quality.” – Dr. Luciano Rabboni